London & South: Why Architects & Contractors are choosing PURe® Windows and Doors

London & South: Why Architects & Contractors are choosing PURe® Windows and Doors

Change is coming. The new Part L Building Regulations will be out early next year. Windows and doors will need to be even more energy efficient. Architects and main contractors in London and the South are already getting ahead of the game. Here’s how…

Most architects and main contractors have a favourite glazing range that they choose time and again for their projects. And they might have another couple up their sleeve if that one doesn’t quite fit the bill.

But with the new Part L of the building regulations due to come into force in early 2022, they are having to think again. Energy efficiency criteria will be tighter, so thermal performance will be more important than ever when choosing windows and doors.

That’s why more and more architects and main contractors in London and the South have already changed to the PURe® range of windows and doors from Senior Architectural Systems. Early adopters raved about them and now they are being widely installed in both commercial and residential schemes.

Here are the 5 main reasons…

  • 1. Game Changing Performance

    Installing PURe® Lift & Slide doors at the Arts University of Bournemouth helped meet the University’s sustainability goal of achieving a “Very Good” BREEAM rating.

    PURe® SLIDE Lift & Slide doors at the Arts University of Bournemouth glide effortlessly open in the summer to expand the large communal area near the main entrance.

    Even more impressive, installing PURe® windows at the University of Warwick’s sports and fitness hub helped the building to become the most energy efficient leisure centre in the UK, performing 27.5% better than the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers’ Energy Benchmark.

    PURe® Aluminium Vents in SF52 Aluminium Curtain Walling at the new Sports and Wellness Hub at the University of Warwick

  • 2. Significant Cost Savings

    For a premium product range, PURe® windows and doors are competitively priced compared to less energy efficient options.

    But more importantly, because of their fantastic thermal efficiency and super low U values, they can actually save money, not only on the cost of the project build, but also on running costs once the building is in use.

    That has been the experience of Bowmer and Kirkland, one of the largest and most successful privately owned construction and development groups in the UK with a turnover of over £700 million. They were one of the first companies to adopt the PURe® range after it was launched back in 2015, and found that installing PURe® windows and doors helped them to make significant cost savings on the construction of numerous schools across the UK.

    Watch Bowmer and Kirkland’s full review of the PURe® range here

    Bowmer & Kirkland have now specified Senior’s PURe® aluminium windows on over 30 educational framework contracts across the UK, with two recently completed projects in London highlighting the system’s aesthetic and performance benefits.

    At the Kingsley Academy in Hounslow, the use of Senior’s PURe® windows is estimated to have helped contribute to cost savings of around £25,000 to the overall build by reducing the reliance on gas central heating. As well as improving the overall carbon calculations of the large scale 5-storey scheme, the specification of Senior’s ultra-efficient PURe® window system has also increased the design flexibility by enabling radiators to be moved away from their conventional positioning near the windows.

    The aesthetic appeal of PURe® windows combined with their ability to achieve lower than average U-values also made them the ideal choice for use at one of Bowmer and Kirkland’s most challenging contracts at Brixton Hill Campus in Lambeth. Comprising three separate colleges, the new five-storey building was subject to strict planning requirements owing to its proximity to the neighbouring Grade II Corpus Christi Church. The design by Jestico + Whiles features Senior’s PURe® aluminium windows throughout to complement the aesthetics of the local architecture and meet the performance demands of a modern educational facility.

    With 20 schools a year now being built by Bowmer and Kirkland the savings for Local Education Authorities from switching to the PURe® system are significant. As James Vaux-Anderson, EFA Framework Delivery Director at Bowmer & Kirkland says: “For us it’s a complete win-win. This product is now completely out on its own, and for us to not have that as part of our product list would be an oversight.”

  • 3. Patented and Stylish Design

    PURe® windows and doors have a full UK Patent, which means that no other manufacturer is able to produce such an elegant and energy efficient range in the UK. Other manufacturers have tried to follow us by using high insulation polyurethane foam as a thermal break, but because the patent covers the size of particles used, they are not able to achieve the same U values with a slim line design.

    PURe® aluminium windows and doors are some of the slimmest and most elegant on the market.

    In fact, PURe® aluminium windows and doors are some of the slimmest and most elegant on the market, with a contemporary style that customers and architects love. PURe® Windows are available as Casement, Tilt & Turn, Overswing and Parallel Push plus a Multi Frame option is also available. Meanwhile, PURe® doors are available as single and double swing doors, bifold doors, in-line slide and Lift and Slide with both heavy-duty and slimline options. There’s also a PURe® Commercial Door for when a larger and more robust door is needed. All are available in the full range of RAL colours with a guaranteed finish thanks to Senior’s state-of-the-art paint lines.

    Chosen for the stunning sports complex at Solent University in Southampton, slimline PURe® Windows, together with SF52 curtain walling are the perfect glazing solution for this modern building, adding style whilst delivering incredible energy efficiency.

    The modern sports complex at Solent University in Southampton .

  • 4. High Quality Premium Product

    The quality of the PURe® Aluminium range is plain to see. From the frame to the paint finish right through to the gearing, gasketry and accessories.

    Take the PURe® Slide doors for example, where the high-tech rollers have been designed to give years of trouble-free operation and glide effortlessly open. Even the handles ooze class, with a clean contemporary design.

    High tech rollers on the PURe® SLIDE doors give years of trouble-free operation whilst PURe® handles ooze class

  • 5. Safety and Security Built In

    Whether they are for home or office, windows and doors need to be both safe and secure. That’s why for peace of mind the entire PURe® range has been tested and certified as Secured By Design with all doors also PAS24: 2016 (security hardware required) and Q-Mark fully certified.

    For commercial properties, extra security is available with PURe® Commercial Doors. Designed to perform up to a maximum leaf size of 1400mm x 3000mm and 180Kg, PURe® Commercial Doors are our largest, heaviest and most robust doors. But they still have amazing performance with U values as low as 0.94W/m2K when calculated as a CEN Standard door.

    Without doubt the reasons why Design Engine Architects specified PURe® Commercial Doors for the security office at the Arts University of Bournemouth.

More Exciting new PURe® Projects in the Pipeline

As more and more architects and specifiers discover the benefits of the PURe® range, we have some fantastic projects in the pipeline. To make sure that you hear all about our latest projects, and see how installing this innovative range helps to ensure that each project more than meets the new Part L building Regulations, simply register here and opt in to receive email notifications so that we can send you our monthly newsletter featuring our latest completed projects.

If you would like to make cost and energy savings on your next project, please get in touch with your local Technical Sales Manager or Architectural Advisor today.

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