Curtain Wall

Curtain Wall

Give Creativity Free Rein

Creativity can transform a building’s façade from an “also ran” into an impressive, iconic, award winning landmark.

And Senior curtain walling helps architects, fabricators and installers to do just that.

Whether ground floor or high rise buildings it’s the creative answer for both new projects and refurbishments.

Creative Choices

  • Almost unlimited choice of colours and finishes both inside and out.
  • Complete compatibility with Senior windows and doors.
  • Aluminium and Hybrid ranges.
  • Sloping and frameless vent options.

Practical Performance

Semi-unitised and stick systems for ease of fabrication and installation.

Full range of profile depths to suit structural requirements.

High thermal performance to cope with extreme weather conditions.

Curtain Wall 

SF52 Curtain Wall

SF52 is our most flexible curtain walling system with a host of aesthetic options, slim sight lines for visual consistency and enhanced thermal performance.


Cost-effective, versatile, semi-unitised aluminium system for off-site fabrication giving consistency of quality.


Ideal for ultra-high-rise projects and those where structural movement is a challenge on the project.


A thermally enhanced version of SCW.

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