Protecting your Environment

Our world is a beautiful place, so we need to look after it. At Senior we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. From our choice of responsibly sourced recyclable materials, to our constant search for new ways to save energy, we are 100% committed to reducing our impact on the environment.

Sustainable Systems

Our systems not only look good, but are sustainable too.  Extended life spans, low maintenance, with maximum recyclability and outstanding thermal efficiency help to make the best use of the world’s finite resources.

Responsible Sourcing

Our materials are responsibly sourced from reliable suppliers who have good environmental credentials.  And wherever possible we use local UK suppliers to reduce transport miles. 

Aluminium systems are manufactured from recycled aluminium.

Eco Buildings with BREEAM Ratings

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for new buildings, setting the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation. We help architects and specifiers to achieve up to 40 of the 119 BREEAM credits available for new buildings by careful specification of the fenestration material from Senior’s range of products. Enabling fabricators, installers and contractors to build more sustainable buildings for future generation.

War on Waste

We hate to see waste. In all our operations we endeavour to make the best use of the world’s resources:


  • All our systems have a life span well in excess of 30 years reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • In-house powder coating reduces transport miles making our systems one of the least travelled in the UK.
  • Installing new longer life and brighter sodium lamps in the powder coating plant means fewer lights are needed, reducing energy usage.
  • Our 5☆ eco delivery vehicles have almost halved the amount of fuel we use.
  • Electric charging points at all branches and hybrid electric cars for our sales representatives help to reduce fossil fuel usage even further.


  • Recycled Aluminium is used to produce our Aluminium profiles.
  • Recycled cardboard and wrapping film is used for packaging and protecting profiles during transportation.
  • Re-usable stillages are rotated amongst the depots to carry and store profiles safely prior to final delivery.
  • Waste timber from wooden packaging and the manufacture of our Hybrid systems is turned into “Fire Sticks” and used as Bio Fuel in our new Biomass boiler which heats the warehouse.
  • Our new waste-reducing paint line reuses waste powder saving 22 tonnes of product from being sent to landfill annually.


  • Both our powder coated and insulated aluminium and timber systems are near 100% recyclable.
  • We supply details of deconstruction and recycling procedures for all our products to ensure that recycling is undertaken in a safe and sustainable method.
  • All materials used in our systems including aluminium, timber, plastics and steel are recycled.
  • All waste aluminium, timber and packaging is collected and recycled through local companies.

Beyond Senior

Our environmental responsibilities don’t end at the factory door. Our Fabricator training includes waste reduction programmes and training on product efficiency and insulation requirements in use, to make sure that current building regulations are met and exceeded where possible.

For specifiers we offer a RIBA approved CPD seminar on ‘Designing Sustainable Fenestration Systems’ which gives advice on how, with careful design and specification, a BREEAM excellent rating can be achieved.

A Bright Future

We don’t rest on our laurels.  Each year we review how we’ve done and set ourselves new environmental objectives and targets, so that we can continue to improve our environmental credentials year on year.

In addition we are investing heavily in innovative new products with improved U values with the aim of making the passive house a future reality.

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