Roof Glazing

Roof Glazing

Let The Light Flood In

Senior’s sloped glazing systems transform dark and dismal spaces.

They allow natural daylight to permeate the building, giving a light and airy feel.

Aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sound, Senior’s roof glazing systems brighten any building.

Sloped Curtain Wall

High performance thermally broken systems ideal for atriums.

Allows a seamless finish between roof and vertical curtain wall.

Lightweight with slim sightlines in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Traditional Patent Glazing

Choose the non-insulated range for outdoor open canopies and walkways.

Opt for our thermally broken system for conservatory roofs.

Both cut energy usage by reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Roof Glazing 


Aluminium patent glazing systems designed for open canopies and walkways where no thermal performance is required.


High performance, semi-unitised aluminium system, ideal for atrium roof areas where larger pane sizes are required.


Aluminium patent glazing systems incorporating thermal breaks, ideal for simple conservatory roof applications.


With consistent slim 52mm sightlines and enhanced thermal performance to exceed current building regulations.

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