PURe System Endorsed for Education Sector
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PURe System Endorsed for Education Sector

Since our PURe® window system with its innovative expanded polyurethane thermal break was launched in 2016, it has been specified extensively in the education sector because of the savings to be made thanks to its ultra-low U-values.

In a new 3-minute video, James Vaux-Anderson, EFA Framework Delivery Director at Bowmer & Kirkland, one of the larger construction companies in the UK with a turnover of over £700 million, talks about their experience of specifying and installing PURe® in school projects large and small.

‘We’ve used PURe® across very simple schools in open green field sites, where there’s very little concern over form, to the most stringent central London locations next to heritage buildings of great interest to the planners, and still been able to come up with a solution which is completely acceptable to the authorities and stakeholders.’

Delivering around 20 schools per year, Bowmer and Kirkland give a glowing endorsement of the PURe® system, citing the following benefits as their main reasons for continuing to specify PURe® for their new school and college projects:

Top quality – with suitable ironmongery for children

Easy and quick to install – as fast as with alternate Senior systems

Durable and problem free – 2 years after their first installation at Carlyle Primary School PURe® windows are still going strong

Lower U values – average U values dropped from around 1.65-1.70 W/m2K depending on the system used to 1.15 – 1.20 W/m2K when using the PURe® system.

Energy savings for the client – an improvement is U values of 30-35%, meant less loss of heat through the windows and reduced heating bills for the school.

Ideal for large projects too – Bowmer and Kirkland were so pleased with how PURe® performed at Carlyle school that they went on to use PURe® in much larger projects such as the 5 story Kingsley Academy.

Large savings on build costs – the low U values achieved with PURe® meant that at Kingsley Academy it was possible to move the radiators from under the windows and towards the doors generating savings of £25,000 for the project.

Significant savings for Local Education Authorities – with 20 schools a year built by Bowmer and Kirkland the savings from switching to the PURe® system are significant.

Perfect for town centre locations – Bowmer and Kirkland have also used PURe® successfully on projects with much more challenging constraints. For example, the 5 storey Brixton Hill Campus, located in the town centre next to a heritage building with a very tight site.

Meets planning and local authority requirements – at Brixton, Bowmer and Kirkland found that the PURe® system was able to satisfy the requirements of both the borough and the planning officers.

A solution for every project

Bowmer and Kirkland have used the PURe® System on everything from a very simple school on an open green field site, to complex multi-storey projects in central London locations next to heritage buildings and still come up with a solution which is completely acceptable to the authorities and stakeholders.

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