10 Reasons to Love PURe® Windows and Doors

10 Reasons to Love PURe® Windows and Doors

Forget red roses and chocolates. This Valentine’s Day give your clients something they will truly love. PURe® aluminium windows and doors are the way to your clients’ hearts, here’s why.

Our love affair with PURe® windows and doors began with the development of an innovative thermal barrier manufactured from expanded polyurethane. This gives our extensive range of patented PURe® windows and doors exceptional thermal performance.

But there’s much more to love about the PURe® range. Here are 10 reasons why more and more architects, contractors, fabricators and clients are falling in love with PURe®…

  • 1. Outstanding Thermal Performance

    Thermal performance is perhaps the most impressive feature of PURe® Windows and Doors with U values for windows as low as 0.71 W/m2K and U values for doors as low as 0.93 W/m2K (when calculated as a commercial CEN standard). With energy prices at an all-time high, that’s very good news for clients. But it’s also good news for specifiers, because it means that the PURe® range exceeds even the new stricter requirements of Part L of the building regulations which will be enforced from 15th June 2022.

    It also means savings for contractors as James Vaux-Anderson from main contractor Bowmer & Kirkland found when using PURe® at Kingsley Academy in Hounslow. “Kingsley was unusual in the fact that it was 5 storeys, but with it being such a large building, obviously the savings that are generated [by using PURe®] around being able to move for instance the radiators off the wall and move them towards the door, generated £25,000 of savings on that scheme alone. And then when you multiply that across what we deliver a year which is about 20 schools, it becomes significant savings.”

    PURe® windows gave £25,000 of cost savings at Kingsley Academy in Hounslow

  • 2. Excellent Acoustics

    The PURe® range also has excellent acoustic performance, which is why Simon Crowe, Director at Niven Architects chose PURe® windows for the Premier Inn adjacent to the busy Darlington Ring Road to help guests get a good night’s sleep.

  • 3. Stylish Aesthetics

    The PURe® range has been lovingly designed with narrow sightlines to maximise daylight and give a clean contemporary look. For the PURe® SLIDE aluminium door we’ve gone one step further and produced a slimline version with a 50mm interlock sightline for uninterrupted views. PURe® Windows and Doors are available in a wide range of configurations providing a stylish and practical solution for both commercial and domestic projects.

    PURe® aluminium windows and doors are some of the slimmest and most elegant on the market.

  • 4. Available in Any Colour

    Because we have our own state-of-the-art powder coating facility, the entire PURe® range is available in an almost limitless range of colours and finishes. That includes any of the RAL colours as well as our Signature Colour Range of 14 of the most popular and on-trend colour shades and powder-coated paint finishes. We can even colour match to your favourite sofa. We offer both single and dual colour, and to keep lead times short we have a large stock of pre-painted profiles in the most popular colours, ready to go.

    The PURe® range can even be powder coated to colour match your favourite sofa!

  • 5. Huge Choice of Configurations and Sizes

    Whatever your project there is a PURe® window or door to suit. For windows choose from casement, tilt/turn, overswing or parallel push. You can even combine PURe® casement and tilt turn windows into one system using the PURe® multiframe.

    For doors, choose from single or double swing doors and folding sliding (bifolding) doors. There’s also a PURe® SLIDE range of doors including, inline sliding or lift & slide doors, both with a slimline version and choice of single, double or triple tracks. The lift & slide door is also available as a heavy-duty version which allows leaf weights up to 300Kg.

    When you need a larger or more robust option, choose the PURe® Commercial Door which is designed to perform up to a maximum leaf size of 1400mm x 3000mm and 180Kg.

    PURe® SLIDE SL slimline doors have a 50mm interlock sightline for uninterrupted views

  • 6. High Quality

    The PURe® Aluminium range oozes quality. From elegant frames and perfect paint finishes right through to gearing, gasketry and accessories.

    PURe® Slide doors are an excellent example, where the high-tech rollers have been designed to give years of trouble-free operation and glide effortlessly open. Even the handles shout class, with a clean contemporary design.

    High tech rollers on the PURe® SLIDE aluminium doors give years of trouble-free operation whilst PURe® handles ooze class

  • 7. Safety and Security Built In

    These days security is an important issue. Choosing PURe® Windows and Doors will give your clients peace of mind because they are certified as Secured By Design and are fully tested to PAS24:2016 (security hardware required) and Q-Mark fully certified. That includes the slimline version of PURe® SLIDE doors, so that you get the widest uninterrupted views without compromising security.

  • 8. Sustainable for a Brighter Future

    At Senior we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. That’s why the entire PURe® range is 100% recyclable that includes both the aluminium frame and the PUR thermal barrier. Aluminium is a cradle-to-cradle product which can be recycled endlessly. The thermal barrier can be re-used as fillers for other products, with no requirement for landfill.

    In addition, the PUR thermal barrier is also free from Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) which have been linked to the depletion of the ozone layer.

    The PURe® range is extremely durable. The closed cell construction of the PUR thermal barrier prevents water absorption which means it will not rot and unlike wood the PUR barrier does not provide any ‘food’ for fungus and mould to grow. It also contains carbon black UV stabiliser to make it UV stable, so will not be damaged by strong sunlight. This means PURe® windows and doors have a life expectancy of more than 40 years, reducing waste and the energy required to manufacture replacements.

    Most importantly though, thanks to outstanding thermal performance, in real life situations, the PURe® range has been shown to improve CO2 calculations. In fact, installing PURe® windows at Carlyle Infant School helped Bowmer & Kirkland to shave 3-4% off the CO2 Emissions Rate Target to meet the Greater London Authority’s requirement of over delivering by 35% on the Part L Building Regulations. No wonder main contractors love the PURe® range!

    PURe® windows installed at Carlyle Infant School helped Bowmer & Kirkland to shave 3-4% off the CO2 Emissions Rate Target

  • 9. Easy to Fabricate and Install

    Fabricators love the PURe® range too. That’s because all PURe® windows and doors have been cleverly designed to be easy to fabricate and install. For example, they have alignment chevrons to make it easy to produce clean, accurate mitres and mechanical corner cleats to save time. Also, PURe® SLIDE doors have adjustable locking points and rollers whilst the hinges of PURe® Commercial doors have a 3 way +/- 4mm adjustment for quick and easy installation.

    This means a faster, more accurate fabrication and installation, reducing delivery times and helping to achieve project completion dates.

  • 10. Fully Tested

    All PURe® windows and doors have been thoroughly tested to: BS6375 Part 1 Weather; BS6375 Part 2 Operation & Strength and BS6375 Part 3 Annex A and have passed with flying colours.

    The PUR thermal barrier has also been tested for strength and has undergone shear testing in accordance with BS EN 14024:2004 and has consistently out-performed polyamide.

    The entire PURe® door range has also been tested to PAS24: 2016 and PURe® windows as well as PURe® SLIDE and PURe® fold doors are also certified as Secured by Design.

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If you fancy trying PURe® windows and doors in your next project, simply contact your local Technical Sales Manager or Architectural Advisor. We’re sure you and your clients will love the finished result.

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