PURe Glazing System First Choice for Architects & Contractors
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PURe Glazing System First Choice for Architects & Contractors

Since we launched our innovative patented PURe® window system early in 2015 it has rapidly been gaining in popularity. In fact, Senior Architectural’s PURe® system has now become the system of choice for some of the UK’s top architects and contractors and has already been installed in both commercial and residential projects the length and breadth of the UK.

Cost Savings and Ease of Fabrication for Contractors

We asked James Vaux- Anderson who looks after main contractor Bowmer & Kirkland’s £274M worth of Education Funding Agency (EFA) projects, why he chose the PURe® window system for Carlyle Infant School. Watch the video to find out more.

In summary installing PURe® windows at Carlyle Infant School helped Bowmer & Kirkland to:

  • Achieve passive cooling of the school with no need for air conditioning
  • Provide furniture flexibility with no need for radiators to be located under windows
  • Shave 3-4% off the CO2 Emissions Rate Target to meet the Greater London Authority’s requirement of over delivering by 35% on the Part L Building Regulations
  • Reduce costs with no need to put Photovoltaics on the roof or install other renewable technologies to achieve the Target CO2 Emission Rate.

As for fabrication and installation, Bowmer and Kirkland found that PURe® windows:

  • Outperformed any other window that they had ever used
  • Were generally very similar to manufacture
  • Were virtually exactly the same to install
  • Were efficient to fit and cost-effective with significant technical advantages

For us it’s a complete win-win. This product is now completely out on its own, and for us to not have that as part of our product list would be an oversight.
James Vaux-Anderson, EFA Framework Delivery Director, Bowmer & Kirkland

Unbeatable Performance, Aesthetics and Sustainability for Architects

Simon Crowe, Director of Niven Architects in Darlington who designed the Feethams Leisure project explains why the PURe® system was chosen for the multimillion project. Watch the video to see the full story:

In a nutshell, Niven architects chose the PURe® system for Feethams’ nine-screen cinema, the 80-bed Premier Inn hotel, plus bars and restaurants for 4 main reasons:

  • Flexibility – the PURe® glazing system was flexible enough to be used throughout the development whilst knitting the scheme together with a cohesive appearance.
  • Aesthetics – a contemporary, innovative design was needed with a building envelope that had the correct sense of mass to suit the scale of the building – PURe® windows were able to fit seamlessly into Senior’s fully compatible Curtain Wall system.
  • Acoustics – the Premier Inn boasts “the soundest sleep” so it was important that guests would not be disturbed by noise from the adjacent Darlington Inner Ring road. The PURe® system had the right acoustic properties to deliver what was needed
  • Sustainability – an environmentally conscious design was a prerequisite, so installing the PURe® system with its innovative thermal barrier to give unbeatable U values, helped ensure a sustainable scheme.

the Senior Architectural System (the PURe® system) was deemed to be the best of what was out there
Simon Crowe, Director, Niven Architects

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