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How to use Fenestration to Enhance the Student Experience

With a record number of students set to go to a UK university this year, we take a look at how universities are investing in new facilities to attract the brightest and the best. University… Read more

Top 10 latest design trends in Curtain Walling

The use of curtain walling is still growing fast, fuelled by the demand for green buildings and technological innovations in the glazing industry. And with that growth comes imaginative,… Read more

Retail Design: How to pick the perfect glazing package

The Covid crisis has seen a huge move away from in-store shopping to online purchasing and click and collect. In a post pandemic world, the design of shops, department stores and retail developments… Read more

Top 10 Acoustic tips for Architects

Have you ever had a romantic meal ruined because it’s too noisy for conversation? Or tossed and turned all night in your hotel room because of the busy main road outside? If so, you’ll know… Read more

How to Apply Lagom to Architectural Design

Move over Hygge, Lagom is the new kid on the block. This Swedish concept of ‘just right’ is now making inroads into architectural design. Here are our 5 top tips on how to integrate Lagom principles… Read more

How Senior Achieved 30 Years of Success

This month Senior Architectural Systems celebrates its 30-year anniversary. Founded in 1991, Senior has grown to become the UK’s largest privately owned fenestration systems company… Read more

Architecture: How to design in the art deco style

A hundred years on and Art Deco architecture is making a comeback. But building regulations, materials and technology have changed over the last century, so here are our top tips for designing… Read more

Strength and hope – Colour trends for 2021

As we enter 2021 with hope for a brighter future, Pantone’s choice for colour of the year 2021 couldn’t have been more apt. Find out how the 2021 colour of the year will influence home décor… Read more

How COVID will Affect Future Building Design

5 lessons from Covid that will shape the buildings of tomorrow Covid has had a massive impact on the world. From our work and social life to holidays and free time, everything has changed.… Read more

Locking down 2020 – Opening up 2021

2020 - what a year. No doubt many of us would like to lock away 2020 and throw away the key. But before we open up 2021, we’ve taken a look back at the events of 2020 and amidst the pandemic have found… Read more

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