Your partner for Part L

Your partner for Part L

As the requirements for low U-value windows and doors continues to evolve, it’s important that fabricators and installers don’t get left behind. In our latest blog, we offer some top tips on how to navigate the latest regulations and requirements.

The fenestration industry is evolving and it can be hard to keep up. With the latest updates to Part L of the Building Regulations now mandatory, all eyes are on the forthcoming Future Homes Standard. The legislation on this is expected to be published in 2024 ahead of its implementation in 2025. Regulations are also changing in Scotland, with plans to introduce an equivalent standard to Passivhaus to support the necessary move to greater energy efficiency in new-build housing.

In the commercial sector, this is leading to lots of discussion, and speculation, about what the new standards will mean. In the residential sector, homeowners who are still feeling the pinch of unprecedented fuel bills are also asking more questions about how thermally-efficient windows and doors can help them save money as well as energy.

Future proof your thinking

This changing landscape means that products that you have used for years, may no longer be up to task and even if they meet the current standards, will this still be the case in 2025? The best manufacturers are those that are already looking ahead, working hard behind the scenes to develop products that not only meet but exceed current regulations. Tapping into the technical expertise of your supplier can support the conversations you are having and work you are pitching for. Collaboration is key to compliance and if they can’t give you the answers you need, it may be time to talk to someone else.

Invest in product training

Finding an energy-efficient, low U-value window or door system is only half the battle in achieving compliance with Part L as such systems have to work as effectively in practice as they do in theory. This can only be achieved if the products are easy to fabricate and install to meet the new airtightness targets. Bridging this so-called ‘performance gap’ is a key requirement of the new Building Regulations, with contractors now required to submit photographic evidence to show that the energy-saving measures work as they were designed to. This puts pressure on the manufactures to create easy to use compliant products and also puts greater focus on the accuracy of the contractor’s work. Product training can benefit both parties as it provides valuable feedback for manufactures and allows both fabricators and installers to hone their skills. If your current supplier doesn’t offer this, you are already at a disadvantage.

Remember the bigger picture

With so much focus on meeting the new regulations and standards, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that low U-value windows and doors still need to tick many other boxes. For example, they need have aesthetic appeal and plenty of design options. They also need to be easy to work with and importantly, they need to be competitively priced. If your current supplier can’t offer you the flexibility you need to meet your customer’s specific requirements, there is another choice.

The Senior way

At Senior, we offer a range of energy-efficient aluminium windows and doors that exceed the current Part L regulations and are made from low carbon aluminium that is fully recyclable. As we are based in the UK, the carbon footprint of the manufacturing and distribution process are also significantly reduced.

Sustainability is a key part of our company’s ethos, which means we are continuously investing in our manufacturing capabilities, product range and technical expertise. We prefer to be proactive rather than reactive which is why we’ve already got a number of tried and tested energy-saving aluminium fenestration systems products on the market, from our slimline Ali VU windows and Ali doors, to our patented thermally-enhanced PURe® range.

We’re currently working towards addressing the next wave of regulations and our team of technical sales managers is on hand to help our customers stay ahead of the game. Talk to us today about your next project and discover more about our energy-efficient aluminium windows and doors.

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