Lister Gardens Apartment Scheme

Lister Gardens is a £2.5 Million shared ownership residential development in Sefton, Merseyside. This 5-storey apartment building designed by John McCall Architects has an art deco feel, to reflect the surrounding architecture, particularly the former Royal British Legion building located on the same road.

To replicate the aesthetics of traditional steel windows, but with a keen eye on thermal efficiency, Senior’s Ali VU aluminium windows were chosen to be installed throughout the building. Featuring a polyamide thermal break, double glazed Ali VU windows have been designed to achieve an ‘A’ Window Energy Rating (WER), with the triple glazed option designed to achieve a rating of ‘A+’.

As well as providing excellent energy-efficiency, the Ali VU system also offered the developers a range of contemporary features including, security, durability and a vast range of colour options.

Robustness and energy efficiency were key considerations for the development’s main communal entrances, which led to the installation of Senior’s  SPW600 aluminium commercial doors.

Consisting of 20 two and three bedroom apartments fitted to an exceptionally high standard, and enhanced by the attractive slim sightlines of Senior’s Ali VU casement windows, all but one apartment had been sold off plan before the building was handed over.




Crosby, Merseyside


John McCall Architects

Main Contractor:

M & Y Maintenance and Construction


Kingfisher Windows

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