Harrison Park Extra Care

The new Harrison Extra Care Home scheme in Hull was developed by Wates Residential to offer older people the independence of living in self-contained properties with the opportunity to receive extra care if needed. The scheme has 60 two-bedroom apartments and 5 one-bedroom apartments available for rent.

The brief was to design domestic properties which would create a sense of pride and ownership with the residents, offer comfortable living, and be cost-effective and efficient to run and maintain.

The look and feel of Extra Care Facilities can positively contribute to the care and wellbeing of the residents, so the project team also had to ensure that the design met the needs of people with visual, hearing and cognitive impairment.

Senior’s SF52 Curtain wall was chosen to flood the main entrance area with natural light, giving it a light, airy and spacious feel, whilst an abundance of SPW600e windows gives residents fantastic views of the attractive outside garden areas which have been carefully designed to bring the sights, sounds and smells of the great outdoors to the residents.

Both fenestration systems also offer excellent thermal performance with low U-values, helping to reduce heating costs and maintain a pleasant internal temperature, as well as good acoustic performance, helping to reduce long term reverberation noise which can have a detrimental effect on people with hearing impairments.

Senior’s SD Automatic Doors were also installed to make life easier for residents with mobility issues.

The key to making sure that the most appropriate products and building techniques were specified for this project was early engagement and collaboration between Senior’s Architectural Advisors and the supply chain.






Croft Goode Architects


Wates Residential


Kingfisher Windows Ltd

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