Show your mettle on Aluminium Day
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Show your mettle on Aluminium Day

Did you know that aluminium is the most abundant metal found naturally on Earth?  Or that it was once considered to be more valuable than silver or gold?  There’s more to aluminium than meets the eye and to celebrate the versatility and history of this magnificent metal, leading aluminium fenestration systems manufacturer Senior Architectural Systems is planning to make Wednesday 13th March all about aluminium.

The company is set to launch its first ever ‘Aluminium Day’ and will dedicate its social media platforms to helping raise awareness of the history of aluminium and its importance as a sustainable, modern day building material. Throughout the day, Senior will be inviting contributions from across its supply chain, as well as from other companies and individuals from outside the construction sector, to highlight the many industries and applications that the metal plays a vital role in. 

The day will also provide an insight into Senior’s own manufacturing facilities and use of aluminium to create its extensive range of doors, windows and curtain walling, as well as showcasing some of the company’s most impressive project case studies.  

Commenting, Senior’s marketing manager Jonny Greenstreet said: “We’ve been manufacturing aluminium fenestration systems for over thirty years so are no strangers to working with what is one of the world’s most amazing materials.  However as a company we are also really interested to see how aluminium is being used in other industries, from transport and machinery to packaging and the manufacture of various household items, and we decided that the best way to do this was to get a conversation going! 

We’re looking forward to engaging with people from all across the aluminium industry to find out more about the innovative ways they use the material as well as sharing details about our own work and products.”

Look out for the dedicated Aluminium Day content on Wednesday 13th March across Senior’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and join the conversation using the #AluminiumDay hashtag.

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