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Senior’s CPD Success

SAS191aRecently launched in January, Senior Architectural Systems CPD, ‘Designing Sustainable Fenestration Systems’, a RIBA approved CPD, has proven to be very popular with specifiers. One CPD event alone attracted more that 50 specifiers emphasising the importance designing sustainability into all new and refurbishment projects.

The term ‘Sustainability’ is discussed and explained, as so often it is given a very wide general definition; so to is the growing use of the term for materials that have ‘Cradle to Cradle’ life cycles. Aluminium, for example, can be recycled almost infinitely with long life cycles between uses. Today this high level of material availability in our cities has lead to the term ‘Urban Mines’ being adopted.

The ‘Designing Sustainable Fenestration Systems’ CPD leads appropriately into the growing use of the BREEAM Certification for new buildings. With careful design and specification, up to 40 credits of the total 109 available for the building can be achieved. The CPD explains where these credits can be obtained and the methodology required.

Following the CPD’s success Senior’s are already developing the follow up CPD which is intended to highlight the “Detailing and Delivering of Fenestration Solutions”, and will be a guide to best practice.

To book the ‘Designing Sustainable Fenestration Systems’ CPD, please contact Seniors head office on 01709 772600 or send an email to
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