Fresh thinking from Senior

Fresh thinking from Senior

Senior Architectural Systems is inviting specifiers to get in touch to discuss how aluminium window systems can help create healthier interiors that can limit the spread of coronavirus through improved natural ventilation.

Along with daylighting, the benefits of ensuring an adequate supply of fresh air to boost both the physical and mental wellbeing of occupants has long been recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and has been highlighted as an important factor in reducing the transmission of COVID-19 in interior settings.

Whilst some degree of natural ventilation can be achieved simply by opening a window, Senior is keen to help specifiers select the most appropriate system for their next project by providing guidance on the key issues of safety, in terms of trapped fingers and falls from height, operational controls, and energy-efficiency.

Not only can all of Senior’s aluminium windows be fitted with trickle-vents, which allow fresh air to circulate in a room when the window is a closed and locked position and which can be operated via automatic or manual controls, the specification of appropriate window styles can also help reduce the risk of falls from height.

Tilt and turn windows are very popular as they can provide ventilation with restricted access to prevent people, children in particular, from climbing out – making this style of window particularly useful for high-rise residential schemes.

Parallel push style aluminium windows are also a great solution. With hinges on all sides of the frame, this type of window can be easily pushed open and yet will remain parallel to the wall. This enables rooms to be safely ventilated, with the limited opening helping to reduce the risk of falls from the window. Aesthetically, the use of push parallel style windows can also help to create a more uniform façade.

Additionally, the specification of thermally-efficient aluminium windows, such as Senior’s patented low U-value PURe© aluminium system, can play an important role in reducing carbon footprint and operational costs associated with the use of air conditioning units and heating systems.

Senior’s experienced team of architectural advisors and technical sales managers are also on hand to help advise specifiers and installers working on refurbishment projects about how to cost-effectively replace windows and doors to ensure that they can achieve the desired energy-efficiency targets and interior environment.

To find out more about Senior Architectural Systems’ extensive range of aluminium fenestration products or to discuss your next project please contact our company’s experienced team of architectural advisors.

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