Marlborough Road Academy

Opened in 1880, Marlborough Road Primary School, now known as Marlborough Road Academy, has educated local children through industrialisation, two world wars, the depression and the technological revolution. With so much history, the elements had taken their toll on the original timber windows and a major refurbishment was needed to upgrade the accommodation and create a school fit for the future.

Senior Architectural Systems’ thermally efficient SPW600 window system was chosen by Urban Vision (a joint venture partnership between Salford City Council, Capita and Galliford Try) to replace over 100 windows of various sizes and configurations, giving the school a much needed facelift, and making it a much more comfortable environment in which to learn.

The work was completed in record time by main contractor Anders, who fabricated and installed the new fenestration in just 5 weeks during term time, with each window being removed and replaced in the same day to keep classroom disruption to a minimum.

To retain the building’s original Victorian aesthetics, whilst increasing the amount of daylight, bespoke vents were fabricated and glazed into SCW+ thermally enhanced curtain walling over four metres high and 2.2 metres wide with no interim supports.

The robust SD door system, which is fully compatible with both the SPW600 windows and SCW+ curtain wall was installed throughout the school. Senior’s fenestration comes with a 25 year guarantee, ensuring many years of maintenance-free use.





Main Contractor:

Anders Glass


Anders Glass

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