Quality is important. That’s why you’ll find only the highest quality materials at Senior.

Complying with all current building standards, we carry out rigorous quality control testing, to make sure all our systems give maximum performance and have an extended life cycle.

But more than that, we believe that materials should be sourced responsibly from reputable suppliers, with environmental impact a key consideration.

Wherever possible we source locally, reducing transport miles and supporting our local communities. We choose materials that can be easily recycled and are constantly innovating, using new materials to enhance thermal efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Strong, lightweight and almost 100% recyclable

Over half of all our extruded aluminium is supplied from UK extruders which keeps transport emissions to a minimum.

Where possible, profiles are extruded from recycled aluminium which saves 95% of the original energy used to produce aluminium.

All aluminium sections are extruded using aluminium alloy 6060 or 6063 T6 to BS EN 755 part 9 2008

A natural look and feel

The timber used in our Hybrid Systems is sourced from 100% PEFC accredited sources.

This means you can be confident that our timber products are produced with respect for the highest ecological, social and ethical standards.

All our composite Hybrid Systems are available in both contemporary spruce and classic oak which are PEFC /04-32-0042 certified.

Heat where you want it

Aluminium profiles are normally insulated using a wide polyamide strip, which offers good thermal ability whilst allowing dual colour profiles to be manufactured.

Polyamide thermal barriers are manufactured in accordance with PA66 GF25.

For even greater thermal efficiency, recyclable polystyrene strips are used in our SPW600e window range, to ensure all SPW600e windows exceed the rigorous standards laid down in the Approved Part L 2010.

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