Putting Colour in the Frame

Putting Colour in the Frame

Senior Architectural Systems is encouraging specifiers to consider the use of colour in fenestration design and how the use of powder coating can not only help reduce maintenance requirements, but also offer essential design flexibility in the age of social distancing.

Senior’s full range of aluminium fenestration products are available in a choice of colours and finishes, all via the manufacturer’s state of the art in-house powder coating facility.  As well as providing standard RAL colours, the company’s high-quality colour matching service also enables bespoke shades to be created. The aluminium frames can be painted in a wide choice of single or dual colour options, with the ability to coat in different colour on both the interior and exterior frame. The design flexibility this offers is proving particularly popular with architects and designers who are looking at new ideas to define different entry points in a room and help people navigate the ‘one way’ systems that are becoming a common feature in many commercial settings as a response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

The use of colourful fenestration has long been recognised as an important part of wayfinding and can be particularly effective when specified in healthcare buildings, care homes, and other facilities which provide support for people living with dementia. The use of coloured door, window and curtain wall frames can not only complement the wider interior design scheme but can also help to create a strong visual identity for different areas and provide clear cues to help with orientation. 

As well as enhancing the appearance of fenestration systems, Senior’s powder-coating offering also includes a number of high-performance finishes that help to boost the already impressive durability and strength of aluminium by giving greater protection from weathering and corrosion. Specifiers can choose from standard matt, satin or gloss finishes or for a traditional metallic look, anodised and mill finishes are also available.  In keeping with the latest architectural design trends, Senior is also able to provide guidance on the new generation of bespoke decorative and textured finishes, as well as specialist coatings such as those that offer anti-bacterial properties or higher resistance to exposure to UV light and humidity.

By keeping its focus on services being in-house rather than out-sourced, Senior has been able to improve the efficiency of its powder coating service in more ways than one. Significant investment in the paint line machinery, fuelled by the company’s long-term commitment to sustainable manufacturing techniques, has helped to dramatically reduce the amount of waste product sent to landfill.  All other by-products from the coating process are also separated, cleaned and recycled.

As well as operational efficiency, Senior has identified ways to reduce the potential risks associated with powder coating in terms of cost and delays to the construction programme by offering a reliable and quick turnaround. Senior also offers nationwide delivery and a 25-year warranty on all standard coatings.

To discuss how powder-coated fenestration systems could be benefit your next project, get in touch with Senior’s architectural advisory team.

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