Even more reasons to #askforAli
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Even more reasons to #askforAli

Since our Ali FOLD doors were launched in May last year, they have been flying off the shelves. So much so that we have now opened a new dedicated bifold warehouse to house our aluminium bifolding door profiles. The new 10,000 sq ft facility enables us to stock single and dual colour Ali FOLD profiles (anthracite grey and hipca white) ready for immediate delivery to our customers.

So why are Ali FOLD doors so popular?

It’s all down to the perfect mix of the three most important features for any bifolding door. Aesthetics, performance and ease of fabrication & installation.

Must-have Features

  1. AliFOLD doors are stylishly elegant, with slim sightlines to maximise daylight and give the widest views.
  2. Ali FOLD doors have excellent thermal and acoustic performance with U values as low as 1.19 W/m2K when calculated as a CEN standard
  3. Ali FOLD doors are easy to fabricate, install and adjust

Super Service

But more than that, it’s because of our legendary customer service, superfast delivery times and value for money.

Even more reasons to choose Ali FOLD doors

With thousands of Ali FOLD doors now installed nationwide, customer and salesforce feedback has highlighted even more reasons why so many people now #askforAli:

Outstanding performance

  • Tested to BS6375 – 600pa Air, 600pa Water, 1200pa Gusting (exact performance varies depending on the configuration. Please contact our Technical Department for further information)
  • Backer rod available for improved thermal performance
  • Intermediate weather seals in meeting stiles gives improved performance
  • High tech roller design with stainless steel track & wheelsets for years of trouble-free operation
  • High performance polyamide thermal barrier giving U values as low as 1.19 W/m2K when calculated as a CEN Standard door
  • PAS 24 can be achieved by a simple change of handle without the need for extra manufacturing or additional components

Clever design and stylish aesthetics

  • Slim sight lines – meeting stiles 123mm – for maximum daylight and the widest views
  • Available in an almost unlimited range of colours and finishes both inside and out
  • Matching handles and hinges
  • Matching window sash and door for a uniform look
  • Corner gaskets of same material gives a uniform colour
  • Choice of chamfered or square beads, or Mix and Match
  • Flipper gasket on entrance door creates neat finish and enhances weather performance
  • ‘D’ Hinge handle for easy and secure closing of intermediate door
  • Sponge pads on hinge detail means no localised draft
  • All the hardware is securely fixed into the aluminium profiles, not the thermal break to avoid thermal bridging and provide a more secure fixing
  • Unique coupler for connecting doors to window suite

Easy to fabricate, install, adjust and maintain

  • Common profiles for all door types – single, double, folding sliding – inward or outward opening
  • Intermediate locking gear externally mounted for ease of fabrication and maintenance with no need to dismantle the whole sash on site or in front of your customer
  • Adjustable +/- 1.5mm Shoot bolt on intermediate doors for adjusting compression
  • Adjustable hinge jamb 4mm by simple use of 1mm shims for easy adjustment on site
  • Adjustable keep carrier (+3mm/-2mm) allows manufacture of all doors without having to separately measure the final leaf
  • Both crimped & mechanical corner cleats for ease of fabrication
  • Punch tool available for help in fabrication

Huge choice of options

  • 32 configurations currently available
  • Matching single and double doors
  • Wide range of leaf sizes – tested Leaf sizes 1000 x 2616 (o/all frame height 2700 on fully framed outerframe)
  • Individual leaf weight up to maximum 100kg
  • Low threshold option available with a rebated upstand for better weathering
  • Glazing thicknesses – 28/32/36/40/44/48mm by simple change of beads
  • Options for trickle ventilation – over glass or through head add-on
  • Choice of cills where required
  • White and grey profiles (including dual colour) available ex-stock

Legendary Customer Service

  • Fabrication training and tooling provided if required
  • Full technical support, documentation and certification from our technical department
  • Regional advice and support via our technical sales managers and specification teams
  • Next day delivery for mill finish profiles and accessories.
  • Delivery within 3 days for stocked single & dual colour profiles (grey and white).
  • Short lead times for non-standard colour powder coated profiles thanks to our state-of-of-the-art powder coating facility
  • Nationwide branch network and distribution centres serviced by a fleet of 18 eco delivery vehicles
  • Our mission is “to give customers what they want, when they want it” and we always go the extra mile to make that happen

Excellent sustainability credentials

  • All components 100% re-cyclable
  • Life expectancy in excess of 40 years
  • Exceeds current building regulations for thermal efficiency

If you would like to know more about our Ali FOLD doors, please call us today on 01709 772600

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